Lights, colours, poetry of the soul

“The artist is reborn rainbow

in the purity of a thought of love

aiming at the infinite”

Carlo Esposito belongs with merit to the qualified selection of the emerging contemporary Artists who, with observance to the severe lessons of the past, have made painting their true idealistic life mission.

From a careful interpretation of the young talent’s work, we have instantly perceived what he is mostly inspired by, emphasizing in every case and everywhere the explosive force of light that envelops and engages every feature of the chosen subject.

To be able to give a complete interpretation of Carlo Esposito’s excellent aesthetic features, we should first ponder on the basic graphic works that is where the sublime Renaissance harmony of the image explodes, pervaded with a deep, intimist spiritual reflection.

With the only use of a pencil, the Artist thoroughly studies the anatomic features of the human figure mainly feminine; and from this wonderful real life portraits of young girls with angelic faces come to life, along with the physiognomies of mothers and children, old people, young presences and Medician madonnas who, in their golden itinerary disclose a visual curtain on a real neoclassic verist canon, where the intense expression of the glances, the fine outlines of the faces and the overall study of the details emanate a timeless, transparent atmosphere, touched by a spell of an always renewing creativity. We are referring to the highlighted portrayals, in which wonderful and unrepeatable evanescent textures of light and shade effects alternate, that confer a subtle balance in the contrasts of the tones.

 The the pastels – vibrant still lives developed during the still drawing studies – highlight the same objectification.

In order to complete this first, analytical phase referring to the paintings, three main guiding lines will be mentioned:

  • Painting reproductions that have been chosen to be revisited regarding 500 and 600, with particular attention to Caravaggio, Michelangelo and other painters of that time.
  • True life paintings.
  • Dancers or ballerinas and the themes of Sacred Art and Profane Art.

In every canvas, with the absolute clearness of each compelling step, it is possible to appreciate the outcome of great significance, obtained with a constant devotion and, above all, a preponderant dedication to beauty, set in the image kissed by a dream.

The true greatness of the Artist, who in his heart is still an angel-hero faithful to his own ideals, is to privilege simplicity, that together with humility reassumes the existential need of man of all time making it his absolute aim.

In our opinion, after a long conversation with Carlo Esposito in the imaginative atmosphere of his masterpieces, we have realized that we are dealing with a virtuous figurative artist who paints with an absolute belief, certain that still today, in the globalization millennium, even a small dream  can become a galaxy. For the young promise, this galaxy – made up of his works –  already shines by its own light, in the beaux-art firmament, the ones that reach the heart, right to the silent emotions that can be found in every iconographic trace that he offers with his soul.

Aldo Albani



‘The artist Carlo Esposito has attended with great interest and success my figure drawing and watercolour classes and then for two years an individual course on 500 and 600 painting techniques copying Caravaggio and Raphael’s works: preparation of the supports used at the time chiaroscuro drawings with burnt Sienna and white and the various phases of glazing and colours.

These studies have been assimilated by my apprentice, in order to create his own pictorial expression with great dedication.

In my opinion he shall have a grand future in the field of art’.

Antonio D’Urso



Essential biographic notes:

Carlo Esposito was born in Naples.

As far back as his teen years he showed an early predilection for Fine Arts, with a particular attention to drawing and painting.

He was still fifteen years old when he painted a beautiful figure of a Renaissance woman, and many other works will follow, always characterized by the iconographic purity and the transparence of the colour, that will always stay in his heart as a faithful travel companion.

After attending with success the well-known school of Fine Arts in Naples, in 2003 he earned his Degree in Scene Design with recognized italian artist and film director Antonio Capuano.

He has been for more than ten years the apprentice of the great contemporary master Antonio D’Urso, renowned Neapolitan preceptor whom he admires greatly, and in whose workshop Carlo Esposito has already acquired those essential aesthetical prerogatives that are already outlining his radiant future.

He has already acquired important public and private appearances.

He owns  a vast and qualified art collection.

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